Lisa’s bio:

Lisa Koop is a city mouse, recently turned country mouse, residing in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Her interest in writing short stories and poetry is a passion newly rekindled. She can be found most often satisfying her soul adventuring spirit on bike, behind the camera lens or making connections with the Earth and others.

The Stone Washer
by Lisa Koop

At this shoreline, surrounded by stone, I sit with my thoughts and can be alone. I ponder news headlines, my negative thoughts and consider the magic of how the waves shaped these rocks.

Some feelings, too heavy, I must put them down. I carve them on rocks porous surface and cast them in the lake to drown.


Now Mother Earth’s a recycler and she only speaks truths. I’ve seen the results and I’ll show you the proof. She tumbles those rocks, she cleanses the pain and spits them out on the beach again. This time with a message, she wants you to share. A message of love, a message of care.