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Coming full circle with Matty Myatt

When you grow up in a small town, the search for ‘something to do’ can often lead to two things: music and alcohol.

M-D at the forefront of Owen Sound’s growing hip-hop scene

Growing up around music has profound effects on people. Not only are there innumerable academic studies concluding music has massive cognitive benefits on the brain,...

The Wooden Sky bring their creative energy to Grey Bruce

The name of The Wooden Sky's most recent album is taken from the words of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, paraphrasing “survival is the ability to swim...

5 Questions about Whisky and Blues with Andre Bisson

Since 2012, the Andre Bisson Band has been touring the world, playing their signature style of Canadian blues to festival audiences in places like England,...

5 Questions for Marshall Veroni

The first time I saw Marshall Veroni perform, it was at an elementary school. We were both there inspiring the youth to embrace music and writing. I...

5 Questions for Erin Costelo

On October 19, there's a record coming out called Sweet Marie. It was recorded in 10 days in a small cabin in Nova Scotia by an artist...

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