In the midst of living in the unknown of what the next day will hold and with all of the uncertainty going on, I see that many people are very frightened, frustrated and generally stressed about what the next minute will bring.

The announcements encouraging all of our restaurants and clubs to close has definitely impacted many people in our community… from the employers to the employees, the patrons, the supply chains, and many, many musicians and artists. Our economy now sits on baited breathe waiting to see what the next minute will bring, all the while we are left trying not to panic; instead to prepare as much as possible for the worst.

Our world as we have known it has halted and nothing is providing us with the stability we are used to. In this time of hourly change and complete uncertainty, it is forcing us to embrace the opportunity to create a world in which we can still be safe, profitable and community minded.

We all anticipated that maybe one day this could happen through things like global warming, or the fall of the stock market, but instead it was brought to us by a virus which is spreading at an alarming rate. The new terms “social distancing” and “self-isolation” has created a world where we feel that human interaction must be limited and policed; to consider one’s safety, it’s quite understandable.


Many of us will need supports as we move forward into the unknown. Whether financially, spiritually, physically or mentally – we all need these supports.

This is our opportunity to truly think outside the box – cause we aren’t allowed to think inside the box anymore. The box is gone… the security blanket of 2019, and so much of what we knew – gone. BUT, it’s actually an amazing opportunity to truly think about the possibilities that can come of this. The possibility that the next major reality change is ours for the taking and can be shaped into whatever we want it to be.

As people are forced to think outside that box, the development of many new initiatives will be happening… everything from how we shop to how we eat, might have the most innovative concepts revealed in the coming weeks and months – because we have to. Because we need new ways to do all the things we’ve always known how to do – because the old way is no longer available to us. SUPPORT THEM! Please consider that everyone is doing whatever they can to prosper – if it’s within your means, please share, support, and and even offer to help develop their ideas in an effort to build back a lifestyle that includes not worrying about their financial situation and that they feel generally safe again.

The thing I have noticed in the last few days is that as much as there has been hoarding and isolation, there has also been an overwhelming sense of community that has sparked like a wild fire. Messaging has been strong on all channels to check in on your neighbours, offer your assistance, do what you can to protect each other… THIS. This is what will make us a better future. Mankind often gets lost in the rat race. Today we are at the beginning of a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. Love thy neighbour.

Finally, we are gonna get it. Finally, our words of “I love you”, “If you need me, call me!” and “Anything you need!” will ALL have true and full meaning.

In the coming days, the test will be for us – do we continue to hoard and pillage – or do we play everything safe and simply return as close as we can to the normalcy of 2018…


Do we build a global community and truly engage with our fellow human?

The choice is ours…

All of this said – the short version…My recommendation… “Love your neighbour, care for your self, support others in every way you can, and continue to wash your hands””

Written by Kimberly Trombley