Why an artist?

“A loaded question – so many reasons and also no reasons really. So many reasons would be; I’ve painted, I’ve drawn, I’ve coloured, I’ve sewn, I’ve created- really my whole life. I think like a lot of people I never thought of art as a full time or even part time way to gain income, but in the past seven or eight years I really realized that it is something that brings me huge amounts of joy and my raison d’être for painting beautiful things is to bring beautiful things into other people’s homes. I say I want to make people’s walls happy and especially now that we are all spending even more time at home, I think you need to be surrounded by things that make you happy, they don’t need to be intellectually stimulating, they don’t need to have some deeper meaning to them.  I just think the plates, the bowls, the art and the things that are around you should make you happy and I hope to be a contributor to that.”


Heather Lynne Travis is an artist and muralist living and working in Tara, Ontario. She is known for her big bold canvases filled with big bold colours. She also creates large scale murals filling walls in homes and businesses with colour and personality. Born in Toronto, Heather traded her heels for rubber boots when she and her husband left the city nearly 15 years ago and they haven’t looked back. Heather’s fondness for the outdoors is clear in her work, with her abstract trees and florals. Heather is also an avid DIYer with a penchant for refinishing furniture, making, building, crafting, and re-making. She has recently completed two vintage dollhouse makeovers, complete with mini murals and mini custom canvas art. Heather can be found online at and on Instagram at @heathertravisart.

In her own words: “I make happy art for happy walls. I smile when I paint and the goal of every finished piece is simple….to make others smile. Sometimes in a world of big political statements and deep and heavy things, a smile is what you need. Also, when in doubt…add hot pink.”



@heatherTravis & @heathertravisart on Instagram

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