I’m sure everyone remembers the early days of the pandemic, when face masks were being scooped up with nearly the same voracity as toilet paper. We wondered if supply would ever meet demand, even for frontline workers, let alone the rest of the population.

Now here we are, just shy of a year later, and we’ve pretty well gotten used to recognizing each other from the eyeballs up as face coverings have become the plentiful norm. Plus, there’s an impressive range of styles to choose from. From simple store-bought to handmade works of art, the piece you hide behind just might reveal a heck of a lot more than you realize. Read on to find out what your go-to mask says about you!

(The author feels compelled to remind readers that these descriptions are in no way meant to be taken seriously nor are they medical opinions of any kind. They’re intended in good fun and any perceived judgement is purely coincidental. Probably.)

Tried-and-True Disposable Blue

You’re practical and no-nonsense, and this makes you great at problem solving. Actually, you’re kind of like a Swiss Army Knife of skills. Convenience ranks high on your list, but you’re not about to cut corners when getting the job done. Nope. If you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it well, even if you get a little sidetracked in the process (You’ll definitely get back to those half-finished projects soon). You come prepared for anything. In fact, you probably have a pack of masks in your glove box, alongside a toothbrush, pens and notepads, a Swiss Army Knife (duh), and an extra roll of toilet paper. Just in case.


Your Basic Black

Stalwart and reserved, favouring a simple black mask keeps you right where you want to be: flying under the radar. You’re a homebody at heart, although you have some chameleon tendencies and quickly adapt to your surroundings. Because you keep a low profile, you don’t miss a thing that goes on. While you’re quiet on the outside, your brain has a constant running inventory of every detail around you. You can’t help it – you’re a natural observer. Let’s just say you’ve seen some things.

The Outlaw Kerchief

You’re someone who prefers to play by their own rules (well, mostly. You’re still a mask-abiding citizen, after all). You have an analytical mind and a keen sense of reason – that you selectively pay attention to, of course. Because sometimes you just need to give in to that itch for adventure and kick up a bit of dust. Like any good outlaw, you value privacy and loyalty. Although you tend to keep your cards close to your chest, you’ll throw away your winning hand to help a friend in need. Let’s be honest: you didn’t choose the kerchief. The kerchief chose you.


You clearly have a cause and you’re proud to make it known. Above all, you value purpose in life. Your passion drives you and you have an unmatched ability to focus on whatever lights your fire. It’s a bonus that wearing your mark is also a great conversation starter, because you love a good chat with anybody and everybody. A natural storyteller, you’re always the life of the party. Well, you were, back when we could have parties. As much as you’re a people-person, you’re not a fan of social media and online interactions. And don’t even get you started on Zoom.

Nifty Prints

You’re a little bit cheeky underneath your selection of patterned prints. And it’s probably quite the selection that you rotate according to your moods (of which you also have quite the selection.) Although you value authenticity, you’re selective with what you share. Plus, you like to keep people guessing. Just when someone thinks they have you figured out, BAM! You switch out the floral mask for Deadpool. You can’t have a linear conversation to save your life, but you’re great with diversion tactics. And you probably have a print for that, too.

Upcycled Homemade

This type of face covering is the mark of an eternal optimist. You know how to find joy in the little things and see endless possibilities in everything around you. Growth is what you seek, from your garden to your home-brewed kombucha, and of course, within yourself. As much as you appreciate solitude, you can’t resist a good creative collaboration. A highly tactile person, you’re most at peace when you’re creating something tangible. You’re a person who doesn’t look for meaning in life – you make your own.

The Work of Art

Whether you’re the artist behind the mask or you’re displaying someone else’s creation, beauty is a way of life for you. You’re constantly on the search for aesthetic inspiration and you’re no stranger to daydreaming. You spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds, but it’s all part of your charm. Besides, your ability to see cumulus dragons and bunnies is more of a calling than a skill, so why bother trying to keep your feet on the ground?

The Buff

You’re not afraid of taking risks and you thrive on the unpredictable. Clever and crafty, you’ve been known to MacGyver your way out of a sticky situation or two. You tend towards minimalism but you make sure that the gear you do keep on hand is as versatile as it is practical. The great outdoors is your playground because where else can you find bigger challenges than the ones nature throws at you? Your life motto is basically “prepare for the unexpected.” Well, that and “Nah, dude, I’ve totally got this.”

Written by Sarah Goldman

Photos provided by individuals