Coffin Ridge Winery, nestled between Silcote and Balaclava, is rumoured to get its named from the funeral processions that would travel down the hill to the Irish Block back in the day.

Ironic then, that it was the choice for the second Grey County Creative Mixer, an event that proves the young demographic in this area is alive and connected! And likes cider. And gorgeous views. And catching up with other young professionals. I could go on….

But it’s ironic in name only – this was the perfect place to host an event that brings young, ambitious and interesting individuals together to connect and put their finger on the pulse of the area (okay, I’ll put the macabre puns to rest now).

Simple put, there are so many cool people doing cool things in this area, and this is a great event to find out about them.


And really, the spot was chosen because it’s quickly becoming one of Grey County’s gems – a lush acreage of vines descending into Georgian Bay. The backdrop was cause for blissful abandon (too poetic? – just look at all the smiles in the pictures below), as was Rob Elder’s slick rhythm and guitar throughout the evening, a perfect choice of music.

Hats off to the County of Grey, for a successful summer edition of their Creative Mixer series, one that’s becoming so popular they’ve already planned for a fall event. I was privy to the expected location and it’s going to be classy as hell. I guess that means I’ll have to actually ditch the hat and comb my hair this time – maybe even put on a dinner jacket (let’s not go too far).

So, if you missed out on last night’s event, here’s a photo album with young professionals making Grey County look good!


Grey County Summer Student Crew
Great couple; great view; great wine.
Getting ready for the sunset.
This group contains two city councillor candidates for the OS municipal election this fall.
Rob Elder doing his thing
These two…
Some of the outside crew
Jackie, a vocal coach, and Sarah, a hospice worker/white wine lover.
Radio personalities Cory and Jamie
Cider jokes with Devin and Stephanie
One of the best spots on the patio for good convos.
Talking music.
Rob and Jen
Andy and Sarah
We talked careers and Mudtown Station
Brent Fisher doing the MC thing
The reason so many people in Grey County are in good shape
Talkin’ real estate with Jon and Alicia.


A fitting pic for the last of the evening with Bethany, Megan, Travis, and Esra. The lighting’s not great in this photo, but the smiles are emanating! Until next time.


Words and photos by Jesse Wilkinson