If you’ve ever been to a Higher FunKtion show, there’s a good chance you left the show sweaty and satisfied. Sweaty from shaking your booty all night, and satisfied from hearing a collection of classic funk and soul that smacks a smile across your face from the first song and leaves it hanging there until they finish their second encore.

It’s always hard to let Randy Martin, Steven Morel, Jaret Koop, Larry White, and the H-F horns (Wayne McGrath, Ian Harper, and Chris ‘Bonehead’ Palmer) leave the stage when they finish their set. When a band brings the funk with this much talent and force, it’s no surprise the crowd always wants just…one… And they’re bringing the funk big time to the Owen Sound waterfront this Sunday at 7pm for the TD Harbour Nights Series.

If you wander down to the Visitor’s Centre Sunday, you’re likely to hear tunes from Paul Simon, The Specials, Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, and maybe even some White Stripes. They have such a polished and entertaining repertoire, it’s tough to say exactly what you’ll hear this weekend, but the only guarantee I’ll make is that you’ll be smiling a lot, and you’ll want to dance. I’m sure they won’t mind if you do.

There’s a reason this local band sells out almost every show they play. Here’s a little something to show you why:


You may have seen them play at Heartwood Concert Hall, Marsh Street Centre, or Meaford Hall in the past few years, but there’s nothing like an outdoor show on the water. Grab your lawn chair, some snacks, and don’t forget your booty – you’ll likely be shaking it all evening.

You can check out the full Harbour Nights schedule here.

Written by Jesse Wilkinson

Photos provided by the band.