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2012 – 2017 by Against All Logic

Another jewel on Nicolas Jaar’s already sterling resume, the first release under the A.A.L. banner exudes a decidedly more uplifting vibe without losing his usual undercurrent of dark melancholy. This collection of soulful dance tracks is brimming with infectious groove and luminous melody and the experience is positively euphoric.



Freedom by Amen Dunes

Bleeding folk, rock, and electronic into something undeniably familiar, yet refreshingly new and thrillingly alive.


Deathlust by Chastity

A stunning debut by Whitby-based rockers that soothes with blissed-out siamese dream shoegaze before lungeing for your throat with post-hardcore fury. Packed with gorgeous hooks, unflinching lyricism, and youthful energy.


the boys (E.P.) by cleopatrick

Scorching rock n rock with a bluesy swagger, this Cobourg-bred 2-piece breath fire and vitality into a flailing genre, while packing more hooks into these 6 tracks than damn near anything else I heard this year.


Kids See Ghosts by Kids See Ghosts

Kanye and Cudi shoot the moon with a truly adventurous movement in progressive hip-hop. Over 7 tracks, they manage to breeze through a set of scatted freakouts, bangers, space odysseys, psychedelic soul, and dream pop with an emotional wallop that never feels anything but exhilarating.


I’m All Ears by Let’s Eat Grandma

Somewhere between Grimes, Lorde and outer space you’ll find Let’s Eat Grandma. This is ambitious Pop on a cinematic scale. The 6-minute Snakes and Ladders is a marvel to behold and my pick for song of the year.


Double Negative by Low

A haunting and exquisite work of art that feels like a dirge performed by a choir of spectral voices trying to communicate to us from the other side; lost souls trying to find their way back home through murky waters of sorrow. Absolutely stunning.


Room 25 by Noname

Effortlessly blends Digable Planets’ playful jazz rap, Badu’s Neo Soul spirit, and Chance The Rapper’s vibrantly technicolored universe into a pristine vision all her own. Count on this being hailed a classic in the very near future.


Daytona by Pusha T

Air tight at 7 tracks, this LP is brazen, exuberant and essential.


Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides by SOPHIE

Avant-Pop producer SOPHIE (featured on the more eclectic cuts from Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory and Let’s Eat Grandma’s I’m All Ears) delivers an irresistibly left-field solo set that swings from vulnerable to abrasive to catchy-as-hell to weird-as-hell like a wrecking ball, never letting up on the otherworldly beauty that permeates every damn moment.


Ringos Desert by Zhu

Pulsating, synth-driven grooves, presenting an alternate reality where The Weeknd scores a futurist spaghetti western romance and absolutely crushes it.


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List by Andrew Johnston