Benno grew up in Lion’s Head, Ontario where he, alongside his family, explored the surrounding landscapes through activities such as canoeing, kayaking, cycling, and hiking. These experiences became very meaningful to him as he developed a passion for seeking out and immersing himself in natural environments. Sharing moments spent in these places became a hobby when he first starting taking and sharing photographs with his father’s camera. Photography quickly grew beyond a hobby as he spent more and more time taking, editing, and sharing his work. 

Today, photography continues to play a large role in Benno’s life. He has travelled around Ontario, Canada, and beyond to New Zealand and Mexico, in search of new environments and experiences to photograph. Through commercial work and private endeavours, he continues to explore his surroundings with a camera in hand. For our Rrampt feature, one that was prominent in our Summer 2020 magazine, we wanted to highlight his photography of the Bruce Peninsula. Here are some of those shots plus a few more we weren’t able to include in the magazine.

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All photos by Benno Schmidt