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Artists in their Studio

Artists in their Studio: Mark Kelner

Why an Artist? I don’t know why an artist. Back when I was a kid, I never thought what I wanted...

Artists in their Studio: Brent Henry

Why an Artist? Ha, ha, I always kinda drew stuff growing up. I liked drawing things in my world that I...

Artists in their Studio: Angelika Hammel

Why an Artist? Angelika is very modest about her art form and when asked, why an artist she replied:

Artists in their Studio: Becky Comber

Why an artist? It’s a weird question. It's more of a discussion. I use art to explore the world; to interpret,...

Artists in their Studio: Alexandra Newbould

Why an Artist? I have never been asked this question before! I will say that there was never any question if...

Artists in their Studio: Kristine Moran

Why an Artist? “Whew. Um… when I was a kid my mom was doing pastels and oils pretty much full time...

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