Dave Burt, Wade Johnston, Randy Taylor, Doug Sim, Ken McMillan have been friends since they were teenagers when they all partied to the classic rock music of the time. They soon realized they also shared a love for Classic Country, artists like Merle, Waylon, Hank, Lefty, and Willy (in pretty good company there)

Dave, Wade, Randy, Doug, and Ken formed a band that celebrated the genres they loved – classic rock and country. They’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ ever since as the collective, Behind Bars.


When these guys aren’t touring North America from Behind the handleBars of their Harleys, you may find them at a field party or dancehall or just settin on a porch laughing, playing and sipping on a cold beverage, while jammin the tunes they grew up with, and enjoying life to the fullest.

This Sunday, they’ll be ‘settin’ on the stage outside the Owen Sound Visitor’s Centre playing for a crowd at Harbour Nights that is entering its third week. Onion Honey and Upside of Maybe have both taken the stage in previous weeks while crowds gathered on lawn chairs and boats gathered in the harbour.

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